Monday, January 20, 2014


Scotty came over to watch football today, so Liz, Jayna and I did crafts.  Lots of fun and laughs!!!


Busy day!!  Today was Jolie's birthday party.  Lots of kids and noise and games. 

After the birthday party, we dropped Jayna off at Nana M's and headed out for an adult night!!  We went to dinner with our neighbors and then came back home for some euchre.  Fun night!


Angel hurt herself today.  Okay, well let me rephrase.  Ollie hurt Angel today.  She has a pretty bad limp and has been just lying around all evening.  She's been so still compared to her usual energetic nature!  It's very sad.


Remember the dreaded toe injury from the fall?  Well, my toenail finally decided to part from my toe tonight after yoga.  Gross?  YES.  Feel better?  ABSOLUTELY.


Signed Jayna up for cheer today.  She got put with the big girls.  This should be interesting!


My silly little couch cuddle buddy. :)


It was a warm 45 degree day today compared to the -10 of last week.  We all took advantage of it and headed outside to rid ourselves of the cabin fever from the past several days.  It was nice to get out and get some fresh air.